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PF @ 40 Part 4: Prairie Fire by Patrick Friesen

It took me a few years to get to know anyone in Winnipeg. I had arrived in 1965 from Steinbach, the small town where I was born, to attend university, but what was just as important as that education was the anonymity and solitude I craved.

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PF @ 40 Part 3: My Experience with the Early Sparks of Prairie Fire By Armin Wiebe

So it’s the 1970s and I have this crazy notion that I will be a writer. In Manitoba.

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PF @ 40 Part 2: Galley-Proofs Beyond Killer Highway by Carolyn Creed

One might think an hour’s drive toward editorial work would prove as easy as breath taken and expelled, but no—

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PF @ 40 Part 1: Notes Towards a Memoir by Rory Runnells

What does memory bring?  More exactly what do we bring to memory?  In the case of the early days of Prairie Fire, one remembers the coming together of several disparate artists and administrators at the cramped space on Donald St., the Arts Administrative Centre. 

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The Puzzling and Mysterious Other: Animals in Sharon Butala’s The Perfection of the Morning

by Pam Chamberlain (a slightly edited version of this essay appears in Prairie Fire 33.3) In Sharon Butala’s bestselling and award-winning The Perfection of the Morning: An Apprenticeship in Nature, the narrator moves from the city of Saskatoon1 to a ranch on the southern Saskatchewan plains where she immerses herself in nature in an attempt […]

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