National Magazine Awards

Catherine Hunter for winning gold at the 2021 National Magazine Awards for her story “Calling You” in Prairie Fire (41.1)

Ben Ladouceur for winning gold at the 2019 National Magazine Awards for his poem “The Green Carnation” in Prairie Fire (39.2)

Sarah Klassen for winning silver at the 2018 National Magazine Awards for her suite of poems “Beauty; Sermon Series in a Mennonite Church” in Prairie Fire (37.4)

Benjamin Hertwig for winning gold at the 2017 National Magazine Awards for his non-fiction story “The Burn” in Prairie Fire (37.2)

Sue Goyette for winning silver at the 2013 National Magazine Awards for her poem “Fashion” in Prairie Fire (33.2)

Jay Brown, whose story “The Girl from the War” (32.4) is included in the Journey Prize Stories, to be released in fall 2012

Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association Awards

2016 – for fiction, “Hole in the Wall” by Nadia Bozak (35.4); for suite of poems – Three Poems by Patrick Friesen (36.3)

2015 – for fiction, “Red Egg and Ginger” by Anna Ling Kaye (35.3); for creative non-fiction, “Status Updates” by George Toles & Cliff Eyland (35.3)

2014 – for fiction, “The Book about the Bear” by John O’Neill (34.3); for creative non-fiction, “The Moon in Scorpio” by Trevor Corkum (34.2)

2013 – four awards, the most awards of any magazine: for fiction, “Frida Walks” by Alice Zorn (33.2); for poetry, “Plastic Bucket” by Louise Carson (33.1); for creative non-fiction, “Maxime’s” by Lorri Neilsen Glenn (33.2); for best single issue, art & literary, Volume 33, No. 3: “The Visionary Art of Sharon Butala”

2012 – for fiction, “Go with Bob” by Margaret Sweatman (32.4); for poetry, “Harry Mayzell’s Suit” by Harold Rhenisch (31.4)

2011 – for fiction, “Rabbit” by Théodora Armstrong (31.3)

2010 – for fiction, “Hold Me Now” by Stephen Gauer (30.2)

2009 – for most effective use of words: Two Poems by Barry Dempster (28.4); for best cover, image of Margaret Atwood (29.2)

Gold Award Best Article

Congratulations to Mary Horodyski winner of the Gold Award Best Article – Manitoba at the 2010 Western Magazine Awards for her essay “The Geography of Ambiguity,” published in volume 31, number 2 (summer 2009).

Make A Difference Award

Prairie Fire’s founding editor Andris Taskans was presented with the Making a Difference Award at the Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts in Winnipeg on June 11, 2009. 

Prairie Fire writers honoured at 2009 awards ceremonies

At the National Magazine Awards, Alex Leslie won the Gold Award in the Personal Journalism category for her essay “Prehistory” published in Prairie Fire 29.2. Honourable mention in the same category was awarded to Laura Trunkey for “Pennies in My Pocket: Stories of My Brother” (29.2). Laura was also shortlisted for the Best Student Writer award. In the Essays category, Sheri Benning was awarded honourable mention for “Watching Woman: The Marysburg Project” (29.1). And in the Poetry category, honourable mentions went to Barry Dempster and to Sylvia Legris, whose poems appeared in 28.4 and 29.3 respectively. In the Fiction category at the Western Magazine Awards, honourable mentions were awarded to Buffy Cram for “Loveseat” and to Nadine McInnis for “Heart of Blue, Glowing,” both published in 29.2. In the Gold Award for Best Article–Manitoba, honourable mentions were garnered by Sarah Klassen for “Tanya’s Dinner Party (1997)” and by Jake MacDonald for “Do You Wish to Report a Nuisance Alligator?,” both published in 29.1. Finally, Prairie Fire was shortlisted for the Magazine of the Year–Manitoba award. Congratulations to all!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Prairie Fire’s founding editor Andris Taskans was presented with the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 26th annual Western Magazine Awards in Richmond, BC on May 22, 2008.

From judge Zsuzsi Gartner’s comments:

“Thirty years is a long time in any field, but 30 years spent maintaining the unflagging enthusiasm, requisite drive and crazy juggling acts that are necessary to keep a literary magazine not just alive but thriving is an almost heroic endeavour. Prairie Fire has been a quality publication for a long time, and that kind of consistency is always a result of a dedicated and talented editor. While Andris Taskans has managed to give Prairie Fire a strong national profile, a number of his off-shoot initiatives have made the Manitoba writing and magazine scene infinitely richer.”