Publishers! Authors! Interested in sending your book for review? Here’s a couple things you should know:

Going forward, the Prairie Fire Book Reviews program will be focusing on Manitoba authors!

Please read the following before sending us your book or inquiring for a review.

  • By “Manitoba” authors, we mean authors either currently residing in Manitoba or authors who have lived a large portion of their lives in Manitoba.
  • We will be focusing on books that have come out in the last eighteen months or so, as we are hoping to keep our reviews program offerings current.
  • We are looking to review poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. We do not review children’s picture books, YA novels, academic titles or erotica.
  • We will only be reviewing about one title per month.
  • Books must be either traditionally published, or self-published with an ISBN and are easily acquired either through a book store or online shop.

We ask that authors and publishers query us first before sending books to the office. Cold mailing us books does not guarantee a review. Please state that the author is currently living in Manitoba or lived a large portion of their lives in Manitoba when querying.

Queries can be sent to our Book Reviews Editor, Lindsey Childs at