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Botticelli In The Fire & Sunday in Sodom by Jordan Tannahill

Botticelli in the Fire won the Governor General’s Award for Drama in 2019. Its author, Toronto playwright Jordan Tannahill, is remarkably clever and to an extent knows his subject. Read More…

All Reviews | Book Reviews | Fiction

No Good Asking by Fran Kimmel

Hannah Finch is eleven years old. Almost twelve. She is a troubled girl, abused and alone. Read More…

All Reviews | Book Reviews | Poetry

Ruba’iyat for the Time of Apricots: A Poem by Basma Kavanagh

Three epigraphs open Basma Kavanagh’s Ruba’iyat for the Time of Apricots. The first, from Joy Harjo’s Remember, honours the “mother,” her presence forever evident in her child; the second, Read More…