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The Fairy Tale Museum by Susannah M. Smith

You find yourself in the forest. You know the one. It’s the forest where the stories you read as a child take place. A forest so green and thick, that it’s positively brimming with life, with magic.

Up ahead, you see a grand building, majestic amongst the trees, yet not intrusive. It belongs here, as surely as the moss, the leaves.

You have found The Fairy Tale Museum. Welcome. Come inside. Read More…

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Nuala: A Fable by Kimmy Beach

The flyer for Kimmy Beach’s beautifully produced novella Nuala advertises a dystopian future troubled with love, possessiveness, and envy—it lives up to the pitch. Read More…

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Not For The World Would I Compare It To Anything by Hannah Godfrey

Hannah Godfrey is a formidable storyteller, so much so that even a thoroughly academic dissection of the vagus nerve becomes emotive prose Read More…

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