What are you rooted to? Are you en route to finding your roots, connected to your roots, have you survived being uprooted, taken an unexpected route, or uncovered your roots? Are you rooted in a particular idea, cause or tradition? What and whom are you rooting for? Are you rooted now? Has the quest for knowledge of your individual, or collective roots taken you closer or further away from your authentic self?

Have writing on this topic? We would love to see it!

Deadline: May 31, 2021 at 11:59:59PM


Submissions for this issue may be emailed or mailed. Emailed submissions still need to follow the submission guidelines. International submissions accepted.

Emailed submissions should be sent to prfire@prairiefire.ca, Subject: Roots & Routes

Want to send a hard copy? Please see our physical format guidelines. https://www.prairiefire.ca/submissions/

Please Note: Only those selected for the issue will be contacted.


The cover letter should be typed. Be sure to include the following:

***Please state in your cover letter that you are submitting to Roots & Routes”***

  • a two- or three-sentence biographical statement (with your pronouns);
  • your full mailing address, e-mail address and phone number;
  • the title(s) of the piece(s) you are submitting;
  • the genre of the piece(s) you are submitting (poetry, fiction, non-fiction).
  • Let us know if you are just starting to send out your work.


  • Send a maximum of three poems OR one story per submission and send only one submission at a time. Please do not send more than one of each type of submission.
  • Maximum length for fiction and creative non-fiction: 5000 words.
  • Prairie Fire does not accept previously published work.
  • We ask that you let us know if your work is also submitted elsewhere, and, if it is accepted, to notify us right away.
  • Your submission should be typed (double-spaced) on one side of the page only. Poetry may be single-spaced.
  • Margins of at least 1.5 inches should surround all copy.
  • Each page of poetry must contain your name and address at the top left.
  • For fiction and creative non-fiction, centre the title halfway down on the first page, with your name below it. Include a word count at the top right corner of the first page and your address at the top left corner. Make sure your pages are numbered.
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