Why Advertise In Prairie Fire?

Prairie Fire will give you the opportunity to reach a specific targeted group of aware and highly responsive individuals. Because of our mandate, we have a smaller advertising-to-editorial content ratio than advertising-driven magazines, so your ad will be noticed!

Many Prairie Fire readers keep their copies “forever.” Each issue is often read by 2-3 other readers and is generally “circulated.” This greatly increases the visibility and longevity of your ad.

Who Advertises In Prairie Fire?

Local businesses, bookstores, galleries, cultural organizations, printers, publishers, literary magazines and educational institutions.

By advertising in Prairie Fire, you will be supporting and helping to maintain the sustainability of the literary arts in Canada.

Who Reads Prairie Fire?

Over the years, Prairie Fire has acquired a strong, loyal readership of individuals who are writers and readers of Canadian literature, students and teachers, publishers, members of literary organizations, friends of the literary and cultural community, patrons of libraries and educational institutions. Prairie Fire readers are generous, educated, active, community-minded supporters of the arts.

Advertising Exchanges

Prairie Fire is also interested in doing exchanges for ads of equal value, or services.

For more information, contact Janine Tschuncky at prfire@prairiefire.ca