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About Prairie fire

What makes Prairie Fire special?


Prairie Fire’s editors are committed to publishing excellence. Each issue features entertaining and transformative writing from established, award-winning authors and new cutting-edge work from emerging writers.


We’ve been honoured to publish new work by brilliant and thoughtful writers such as David Bergen, Di Brandt, Méira Cook, John O’Neill, George Bowering, Marilyn Dumont, Sue Goyette, Patrick Lane, Sylvia Legris, Daphne Marlatt, P.K. Page, Margaret Sweatman, Joan Thomas, Miriam Toews, Elana Wolff, Kerry Ryan, and Guy Vanderhaeghe.


We love to feature on our covers the work of our favourite artists and photographers, such as Esther Warkov, Bryan Scott, Aganetha Dyck, Kent Monkman, Ivan Eyre, William Eakin, Diana Thorneycroft, Wanda Koop, Alix Reynolds and Janet Werner, just to name a few.


We periodically publish issues on a special theme, such as ndncityThe Next Wave: Writers 30 and Under and Everyday Love. Occasionally, we publish issues with special sections devoted to a single author, such as Sharon Butala and the late Birk Sproxton. Both the Butala and Sproxton issues included archival photos as well as essays and other texts by an international cast of scholars, friends and family.


Each year we hosts three writing contests. The first-prize winner of the Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award is usually brought to the Winnipeg International Writers Festival to accept the award, which includes a gorgeous replica of Bliss Carman’s ring. Check it out at prairiefire.ca/contests/bliss-carman-poetry-award.


We engage with our community through launches, events, nurturing new talent, the student practicum program and outreach work, which connects us with the broader community and allows us to share our talents and gifts in a way that makes a difference in the world.


Prairie Fire Press
423-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1H3
Ph: (204) 943-9066 • Fax: (204) 942-1555
Email: prfire@prairiefire.ca