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  • VOLUME 21, NO.2, Summer 2000


    This issue includes the winners of the 1999 fiction contest, judged by Sharon Butala, and includes fiction by Vivette J. Kady and poetry by Anna Swanson. Cover: Untitled colour photograph by Sarah Crawley

  • VOLUME 21, NO.1, Spring 2000


    This is a “flip” issue, with two “front” covers and separate contents: Side A is devoted to the life and work of George Amabile, and includes pieces by Guy Gavriel Kay, Patrick Lane and Yvonne Trainer, along with many photos. Side B includes work by Arthur Adamson, Lois Braun and Ryan Knighton. Cover: Lashes by Janet Werner

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  • Volume 32, No.1, Spring 2011


    Dennis Cooley: New Poems

    This issue includes poems by Dennis Cooley, M. Travis Lane, Richard Scarsbrook and Ariel Gordon, winner of the 2009 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer. There are stories by Graham Hillard (USA), Eliza Robertson and Rebecca Rosenblum, plus an excerpt from a novel-in-progress by Gwen Anderson. Cover image: 863 Selkirk (detail) by Bill Lobchuk

  • Volume 33, No.1, Spring 2012

    Currently unavailable

    Boreality: Listening to the heart of the forest

    Boreality is a collaborative effort between Prairie Fire Press, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (MCO) and four Winnipeg-based artists. The artists who comprise the project’s creative team are Katherine Bitney (writer), Ken Gregory (sound artist), Mandy Malazdrewich (photographer) and Sid Robinovitch (composer). The fifth member of the team is Prairie Fire’s managing editor, Janine Tschuncky (project coordinator). The purpose of this ongoing project is to celebrate the boreal forest of Manitoba (and Canada) through a multidisciplinary approach involving writing, sound, music and photography.

  • Volume 32, No.4, Winter 2011


    Glen Sorestad: Pristine and Startling

    The highlight of this issue is Glen Sorestad’s 2011 Anne Szumigalski Memorial Lecture, “Pristine and Startled: Ways of Seeing.” Fiction contributors include Segun Afolabi (Kenya), Jay Brown, Alan McMonagle (Ireland) and Margaret Sweatman. Poetry is by Sylvia Legris, Aaron Giovannone and Erin Noteboom, among others. Cover image: Hands (detail) by Gord Arthur