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Past Issue

Cover Image: Everyday Love by Janine Tschuncky
Spring 2018, Volume 39, No.1
Volume 39, No. 1, Spring 2018
In this issue, we look at Everyday LOVE. New works by great writers like Lori Cayer, Armin Wiebe, Jennifer Still, Penn Kemp & more!

Table of Contents

Jennifer Still—Two Poems
Armin Wiebe—Insight
Mark Sanders—Three Poems
Scott Randall—Symmetrical Build
Tanis MacDonald—Three Poems
Bill Howell—Three Poems
Jessica Coles—To Be Told at Garish Sunset, Unapologetically
Alice Zorn—Between Them
Lori Cayer—Blight of moon, corset of pine staves around
Meghan Bell—Captain Canada
Nolan Natasha Pike—Still
Roewan Crowe—Ah Sugar
Christopher Snook—Your Body, a Small Paradise
Marjorie Poor—Desire
Suzannah Windsor—Dark Matter
Lucas Crawford—Potential Stops on Our Maritime Book Tour
Barbara Black—Belly Deep in White Clover
Penn Kemp—Love ManIfest
Benjamin Hertwig—When You Were Young You Ate at KFC
Alycia Pirmohamed—Seaside
Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen—On Love, or Memories of a Five-Year Old
Joshua Levy—A Few Cracks in the Canvas



Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen
Scott Randall


Meghan Bell
Barbara Black
Roewan Crowe
Armin Wiebe
Suzannah Windsor
Alice Zorn


Lori Cayer
Jessica Coles
Lucas Crawford
Benjamin Hertwig
Bill Howell
Penn Kemp
Joshua Levy
Tanis MacDonald
Nolan Natasha Pike
Alycia Pirmohamed
Marjorie Poor
Mark Sanders
Christopher Snook
Jennifer Still

Fiction Excerpt
BY Armin Wiebe

The wall made him think of stagnant water—a shallow polluted lake seen from the air, the multiple colours of the lakebed—sand, rocks, algae growth, mud, maybe even the murky effluent of his subconscious. Get a grip, he muttered. He glanced over to the painting supplies he had carried to the deck, and spotted the cooler Libby (he decided) had left him. Should put that inside, he thought, but unlocking the door seemed like a commitment he wasn’t sure he was ready to make. He feared the disappointment he would feel when he entered. A reminder of the fantasy that got him into this in the first place. A sucker for bare shoulders and a smile. The ego boost of one-upping the sweater-as-a-scarf guy’s artsy-fartsy talk.

Poetry Excerpt
When You Were Young You Ate KFC
BY Benjamin Hertwig

When you were young
there was nothing
like KFC on New Year’s Eve—
you ate as though trying
to locate god in the cardboard
behind the store up the street.
The longing alone could tip
you into the ocean you’d
wake with another stranger
on your couch, his air
slowly becoming your
air, as all things become
one thing in time.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
On Love, or Memories of a Five-Year Old
BY Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen

I am five years old. I’ve awoken in the middle of the night to the usual sound of crashing glass and harsh voices. “Shhhhh, the kids!” and a slap. Thuds. Whimpers and begging. This night, this cold winter night, I look out the back window and watch my mother run barefoot through the snow. Her white blouse is torn and streaked with blood. Her long dark hair blows behind her, as if the house is pulling her back
She runs through the solitary shaft of light beaming down from my parents’ bedroom window. It is the first time I have the thought, “Mommy’s running fast. She’s going to die tonight.”