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  • Volume 21, NO.4, Winter 2000


    This issue consists of two separate books: “Race Poetry, eh?” was edited by Ashok Mathur and includes work by George Elliott Clarke, Shauna Singh Baldwin and Hiromi Goto. Cover: The Cross Word from the series LifeLines by Haruko Okano. The general issue includes work by Eva Stachniak, Lawrence Mathews, Dave Margoshes and Martha Baillie. Cover: Subterranean View by Tony Tascona

  • VOLUME 21, NO.3, Fall 2000


    Icelandic Voices

    This is a “flip” issue, with two “front” covers and separate contents: Side A is titled “Icelandic Voices” and was guest-edited by David Arnason. Cover: Wing Walking by Ione Thorkelsson. Side B includes winners of the 1999 personal journalism contest, judged by Christopher Dafoe, alongside work by George Bowering and George Murray, among others. Cover: Ovipositor by Ione Thorkelsson

  • VOLUME 21, NO.2, Summer 2000


    This issue includes the winners of the 1999 fiction contest, judged by Sharon Butala, and includes fiction by Vivette J. Kady and poetry by Anna Swanson. Cover: Untitled colour photograph by Sarah Crawley

  • VOLUME 21, NO.1, Spring 2000


    This is a “flip” issue, with two “front” covers and separate contents: Side A is devoted to the life and work of George Amabile, and includes pieces by Guy Gavriel Kay, Patrick Lane and Yvonne Trainer, along with many photos. Side B includes work by Arthur Adamson, Lois Braun and Ryan Knighton. Cover: Lashes by Janet Werner