Winnipeg-based Indigenous Writers—submit your work to Prairie Fire’s New Special Issue

Dec 6, 2016

Located in the middle of Turtle Island, Winnipeg has always been a place where Indigenous people have gathered to share their stories. Prairie Fire wants to celebrate this tradition with a new special issue that showcases the strength and beauty of Indigenous voices in win-nipi, the place of muddy water. All Winnipeg-based First Nations, Métis and Inuit writers are invited to submit their new, unpublished work to the special issue’s co-editors, Warren Cariou and Katherena Vermette.

Prairie Fire has been a long-time supporter of Indigenous writing, and the magazine’s 2001 special issue, “First Voices, First Words,” edited by Thomas King, was welcomed as an important event in the history of Indigenous literature in Canada. This new special issue brings the focus to Winnipeg, Prairie Fire’s home city and also the home of the largest community of Indigenous writers in the country. We want to represent the breadth and diversity of this community, seeking writers from different cultural traditions, ages, genders, abilities and orientations. Writing of any genre is sought for this special issue: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or experimental work. Writing that is connected to oral traditions is welcome, and non-standard formats are fine. Use of Indigenous language in your work is also welcome. The writing does not necessarily have to reflect a Winnipeg experience but it should arise out of Indigenous experience in some way.

Submission guidelines:

Poetry: submit three to five poems, no longer than ten pages in total.
Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: work up to 10,000 words long is acceptable, though shorter work is more likely to fit. Creative nonfiction includes memoir, meditative prose works, and other nonfiction writing that goes beyond the realm of reportage.
Experimental work: surprise us with work that breaks new ground in genre, style or structure. The length limit of 10,000 words also applies to this work.

The deadline for submission is January 16, 2017, and chosen work will be published in the Spring 2017 issue.

Submissions, including a cover letter and a brief bio, should be sent to:

Prairie Fire
Attn: Katherena Vermette & Warren Cariou
423-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 1H3

Questions? Email

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