In Memoriam: Minnie Gray

Mar 1, 2021

Minnie Gray 2010-February 8, 2021

It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our Director of Cuddles earlier in February. Minnie Gray was a wonderful staff member, a great friend and a good, good girl. We’re going to miss you, Minnie.

Carolyn Gray, Minnie’s momma (and partner in crime) wrote this on her passing:


My daughter is prairie wildflowers. Small Enchanters
Nightshade, Meadowsweet, Blazing Star. Twisting,
pulling, sighing in the wind, still and
soaking gold and yellow from the sun.
Digging deep into the dirt. Thistle,
she can scratch! Buttercup, she is mild.
Downy Arrowwood, butterflies and bees orbit your sweetness.

Goodbye, sweet Minnie. We’ll see you amongst the wildflowers.

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