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About Prairie fire

Our Roots

Prairie Fire magazine was founded in 1978 as Writers News Manitoba. This ’zine completed its transition to a literary journal in 1983, at which time the name was changed to Prairie Fire. The Manitoba Writers’ Guild published Prairie Fire from 1983 to 1989. The current publisher, Prairie Fire Press, Inc., was established in 1989.

“Prairie Fire is one of the best produced magazines in the entire country…really well edited.”  —DAVID ARNASON

Our Mission

The objective of Prairie Fire Press, Inc. is to publish, present and review new high-quality literary work by emerging and established writers, and to provide an educational platform for dialogue amongst writers, readers, educators and the broader community.

Our Vision

Committed to its belief in the inherent value of the arts, Prairie Fire Press, Inc. engages and inspires its audience by providing a space for vital cultural exchange. We serve our regional, national and international audiences and our local community by publishing exceptional literary writing and by collaborating in innovative arts projects and community outreach programs.