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Rates of Payment

Prairie Fire magazine buys First North American Serial Rights Only. Rights are reassigned to the author upon publication. Payment is made following publication and includes one (1) free contributor’s copy. We reserve the right to refuse payment for work that proves to have been previously published elsewhere, or that turns out to have been plagiarized. Anything not covered by this rate sheet will be negotiated separately. These rates are subject to change without notice.

Print Rates (Prairie Fire magazine)

Prose: $0.10 per word.

  1. Fiction: short fiction, excerpts from longer works: maximum fee $350.
  2. Articles, creative non-fiction, editorials, essays, memoirs: maximum fee $250.
  3. Interviews, profiles: maximum fee subject: $100; interviewer: $150.
  4. Other prose: correspondence, notes, plays, scripts, etc.: maximum fee $50.

Poetry: $40 per poem if the poem occupies one page or less. If the poem occupies more than one page, $40 for the first page and $30 for each additional page.*

  1. Short poems, prose poems, long poems: maximum fee $150.

Other: $30 per page if the item occupies one page or less. If the item occupies more than one page, $30 for the first page and $20 for each additional page.*

  1. Charts, graphs, musical scores, etc.: maximum fee $50.

* The term “page” refers to our published page. We reserve the right to pay for only 3/4 page if the second or subsequent page of any poem or other item occupies 34 lines or less; for only 1/2 page if 24 lines or less; for 1/4 page if 12 lines or less. Measurements include blank lines.

Visual art rates

  1. Front Cover: $100 for reprint rights.
  2. Illustrations, portfolios, portraits: $25 per page for reprint rights.

On-Line Rates (www.prairiefire.ca)

Book reviews, review essays, other prose: $0.10 per word: maximum fee $100.
Interviews: $.10 per word: maximum fee subject $80; interviewer $120.