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Past Issue

Cover Image: Kristjana Gunnars
Kristjana Gunnars is a writer and painter based in British Columbia. She has published various books of poetry and prose, and her art has shown in galleries in Vancouver and elsewhere. She is listed in the book Artists of British Columbia (2012).
Summer 2012, Volume 33, No.2
Writing Contest Winners
This issue features the winning entries of the 2011 writing contests. Judges were Marilyn Bowering (fiction), Sylvia Legris (poetry), Lawrence Scanlan (creative non-fiction).

Table of Contents

Winners of the 2011 Fiction Contest
Marilyn Bowering Judge’s Notes
Alice Zorn Frida Walks
Philip Huynh The Tale of Jude
Laura Trunkey Double Dutch
Penny K-kilthau Chicken Chronicles

Winners of the 2011 Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award Contest
Sylvia Legris Judge’s Notes
Sue Goyette Suite of Three Poems
Janice Colbert On Lake Winnipeg
Sadie McCarney Home Bus
Sue Sorensen On the Road to Golders Green

Winners of the 2011 Creative Non-fiction Contest
Lawrence Scanlan Judge’s Notes
Lorri Neilsen Glenn Maxime’s
Susan Buis Della, Duende
Jean Van Loon Account of a Trip to Tuscany Together with Certain Useful Italian Phrases
Louise Bergen Price A Good Childhood
Kim Trainor Three Poems
Ed Kleiman “Why Did You Leave Me?”
Laurel Albina What We Brought
Kyeren Regehr Two Poems



Louise Bergen Price
Susan Buis
Janice Colbert
Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Jean Van Loon


Philip Huynh
Penny K-Kilthau
Ed Kleiman
Laura Trunkey
Alice Zorn


Laurel Albina
Sue Goyette
Sadie McCarney
Kyeren Regehr
Sue Sorensen
Kim Trainor

Fiction Excerpt
First-Prize Winner, 2011 Fiction Contest
BY Alice Zorn

Frida Walks

Sally sits alone at the hotel dining room table. She can’t speak Spanish but recognizes words that are similar to French. Desayuno and déjeuner. They sound almost alike—more alike than breakfast.

Between her fingers she rubs the edge of the linen tablecloth. In Mexico they can afford a classier hotel than when they went to Paris two years ago. Here there are marble steps in the lobby. An Art Deco brass railing and polished wood panelling.

Last night Daddy said that he would sleep in the single bed so that Sally and Mum could have the luxury of the king. Of course, he meant Sally. Mum clicked her tongue. She thinks Daddy spoils Sally. Spoils isn’t how Sally would put it.

Pruned trees, iron gates, adobe houses, genteel silence.

Between the plaster and smooth trunks, a glimpse of blue like a jolt of surprise. Long walls in brilliant cobalt framed in brick red. The doorway opens onto a lush garden of fronds and blooming hibiscus.

Poetry Excerpt
First-Prize Winner, 2011 Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award
BY Sue Goyette

fashion: inspiration wear

In this dress you will forget your inability to be fluid
and will walk into rooms as if you’ve been choreographed
to surprise us. It takes such courage to wear those foxes
on your feet and yet, if asked, we would all follow you
into the forest to clean the mess from our picnics. The look
is timeless. It elopes with light and borrows originality
from the great cloud of September 27 over Halifax
that momentarily convinced everyone in the city
to make their dreams more buoyant and less caffeinated.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
First-Prize Winner, 2011 Creative Non-Fiction Contest
BY Lorri Neilsen Glenn


Her head is bent over the spinach and berry salad. She stabs wildly. When the fork impales a piece of spinach along with a bit of onion or a quarter-moon of tomato, I hold my breath; her unsteady hand can send it back to the plate. More than once she has bitten down on empty tines.

Whoops, she says. Oh, my.

Nice to see a strawberry or two in here, I say. The waiter fills our water glasses.

I’m glad we put some away today. It made me feel useful.

Ah, Mom— I pause to look at the ends of my fingers, still pink from strawberry juice. Two quart baskets, hulled before lunch—You’ve got this useful thing going on. What’s that about?