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Past Issue

Cover Image: Photograph by Pierrette Boily
Images of the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth, located in King's Park in Winnipeg, were photographed by Pierrette Boily, a museum curator and member of the newly created Through Her Eyes Photography Club of Winnipeg.
Winter 2012, Volume 33, No.4
Robert Currie / Carol Shields
This issue features a previously unpublished story by Carol Shields and the 2012 Anne Szumigalski Memorial Lecture by Robert Currie.

Table of Contents

Carol Shields Pain
Robert Currie Coming (back) to Poetry
Ayelet Tsabari The Poets in the Kitchen Window
Glenn Hayes As if the Air We Breathe Were a Glass of Wine
Daniel Scott Tysdal Year Zero
Rachel Lebowitz Two Poems
Patrick Roscoe Gift (Dorothy: 1951)
Royston Tester Tea with Immortals
Lynda Monahan there was a time
Nancy Jo Cullen Regina
Julie Cameron Gray Two Poems
Will Johnson This is how you talk to strangers
Kathleen Brown Examining Our Extermination at the Atomic Level
Rona Altrows Gibbous Moon Over Gravenhurst
Giles Benaway Two Poems



Robert Currie
Royston Tester


Rona Altrows
Nancy Jo Cullen
Will Johnson
Patrick Roscoe
Carol Shields
Ayelet Tsabari
Daniel Scott Tysdal


Kathleen Brown
Julie Cameron Gray
Glenn Hayes
Rachel Lebowitz
Lynda Monahan

Fiction Excerpt
BY Carol Shields

Irene at sixty wears her tinted hair in a soft, straight cut. She's kept her figure, more or less, and people often comment on her exemplary posture, head erect, those nicely shaped shoulders of hers, her straight back.

Poetry Excerpt
As if the Air We Breathe Were a Glass of Wine
BY Glenn Hayes

If it's clear and fresh it should be
odour free, unless
you're lounging under an orange blossom
or a storm's bellying up with its blunt
ozone jolt of clean pillow case
and over-heated photocopier.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
Coming (back) to Poetry
BY Robert Currie

It's no surprise to learn that some young men turn to poetry for the same reason that others begin playing rock and roll. They hope that it will provide them with a way to impress the girls, or, better yet, to win the girls. Let me give you two examples that may surprise you, both examples that may surprise you, both examples from poets whose work you probably know.