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Past Issue

Cover Image: Woodbine by Bryan Scott
Winnipeg photographer Bryan Scott has been documenting the city’s architecture and streetscapes since 2005. In 2013 he partnered with Winnipeg journalist Bartley Kives to publish Stuck In The Middle: Dissenting Views of Winnipeg. He maintains the photo blog Winnipeg Love Hate.
Spring 2014, Volume 35, No.1
Electric City
This issue contains a new story by Guy Vanderhaeghe and a special section, called Electric City, featuring new work by a number of Winnipeg writers along with photo portraits of each by Robert Tinker.

Table of Contents

Guy Vanderhaeghe Tick Tock
Pamela Porter Three Poems
John Mavin The High Alpinist’s Survival Guide
Alice Major Three Poems
Hollie Adams Like That but Times a Million
Julie Eliopoulos Two Poems
Matthew Alden Lewis Dubstep Remix of Bohemian Rhapsody
Lara Ann Bozabalian What We Did instead of Weeping
Andre Narbonne Where I Was During the Canada Russia Summit Series
Michael Biehl To a Lizard
Catherine Graham Volume

Meira Cook Young Eve, All Grown Up
Meira Cook Short Note on Mistranslation
Kristian Enright Three Poems & a Preface
Jennifer Still Three Poems
Katherena Vermette Red
Jonathan Ball Three Poems
Debbie Patterson The Way of the Water
Marika Prokosh Three Poems
Margaret Sweatman Three Poems
David Alexander Robertson The Evolution of Alice
Carly Dow Flame Keepers
Melanie Brannagan Frederiksen Two Poems
Rob Singh The Aged Anarchist Finally Has His Say
Daria Salamon from Push



Debbie Patterson (drama excerpt)


Hollie Adams
Matthew Alden Lewis
John Mavin
David Alexander Robertson
Daria Salamon
Guy Vanderhaeghe
Katherena Vermette


Jonathan Ball
Michael Biehl
Lara Ann Bozabalian
Meira Cook
Carly Dow
Julie Eliopoulos
Kristian Enright
Melanie Brannagan Frederiksen
Catherine Graham
Alice Major
Andre Narbonne
Pamela Porter
Marika Prokosh
Rob Singh
Jennifer Still
Margaret Sweatman

Fiction Excerpt
Tick Tock
BY Guy Vanderhaeghe

Charley Brewster’s hands hadn’t given him a moment’s grief for nearly forty years, had discreetly behaved themselves, and then, after the young couple moved into the apartment next door, they began to torment him relentlessly, day and night.

Poetry Excerpt
Last scattering surface
BY Alice Major

The street-sweeper crawls
beside the curb. Its brushes blur
a whorl of winter dust,
to hide the far side of the road in brown cloud.

And I think of how
the “last scattering surface” hems in time—
a distant mist
at the farthest edge of telescopes

marking the sudden phase transition
which ordained light should separate
from matter’s whirling brushes,
to travel free.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
The Way of the Water
BY Debbie Patterson

40: a woman celebrating her fortieth birthday
Dr.: a urologist
Location: urology clinic

40: It's my fortieth birthday today. Forty trips around the sun and here I am. Trying. Failing.
Dr.: —squeeze squeeze squeeze—
40: As time ticks on and my life ebbs away.
Dr.: And relax.
40: As if. I'm forty years old. For most people forty is halfway to eighty. For me it's halfway to dead. Who has time to relax. This hostile force invading my grey matter, this thing that shortens my life has brought me here.