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Past Issue

Cover Image: Tetro Design
This cover, featuring the names of all the winners and honourable mentions of the 2014 writing contests, was created by Tetro Design.
Summer 2015, Volume 36, No.2
2014 Writing Contest Winners
This issue features the winning entries of the 2014 writing contests, along with a selection of regularly submitted fiction and poetry.

Table of Contents

Elisabeth de Mariaffi Judge’s Notes
Hal Walling The Late Show
André Narbonne Half the Battle
Dorothy Reno Outreach
Trevor Corkum Day of the Dead
judged by Jon Paul Fiorentino
Harold Hoefle A Loving Follow-Through
Claire Kelly News-scroll for Dream Junkies
Angeline Schellenberg The spectral existence of magenta
Janice Colbert Dear Elizabeth Bishop
Wayne Grady Judge’s Notes
Leona Theis Six Ways She Might Have Died before She Reached Nineteen
Susan Buis Owl-Light, Rose Hill
Marion Agnew Big Ideas, Small Feet
Robin K. Macdonald Red on the Inside
* * *
Julia McCarthy Three Poems
Sebastien Wen Burying Roots
Sam Ruddick The Blessing
Ellie Sawatzky Circles, Strokes
Elyse Friedman The Greatest Happiness Principle
Hendrik Slegtenhorst Two Poems
Susan Sanford Blades Room & Board
Al Rempel Two Poems
Jennifer Knowlan Two Poems
Jesse Patrick Ferguson Beautiful Dreamer



Marion Agnew
Susan Buis
Elisabeth de Mariaffi
Wayne Grady
Robin K. Macdonald
Leona Theis


Trevor Corkum
Elyse Friedman
André Narbonne
Dorothy Reno
Sam Ruddick
Susan Sanford Blades
Hal Walling


Janice Colbert
Joanne Ellison
Jesse Patrick Ferguson
Harold Hoefle
Claire Kelly
Jennifer Knowlan
Julia McCarthy
Al Rempel
Ellie Sawatzky
Angeline Schellenberg
Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Sebastien Wen

Fiction Excerpt
The Late Show
BY Hal Walling

On the eve of my thirteenth birthday, a man named Jim Henry moved into our house. I had met him twice before—once, ten years earlier, at a hockey game in Vancouver, then a few days before he moved in, when I found him in the kitchen eating cereal.

“What’s shakin,” he said, twirling his spoon. “Remember me?”

Poetry Excerpt
A Loving Follow-Through
BY Harold Hoefle

At least it’s not dripping off the kitchen table,
the wet cereal of my brain, but the front room’s got
my Kyla and Jimbo, I hope not messy like me,
and he’s already gone, he eff-ed right off,
the screen door banging at that orange moon,
and it was so him to do us after dark,
but that’s my Brian, it’s like I married
every nasty bit in the ten o’clock news.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
Six Ways She Might Have Died before She Reached Nineteen
BY Leona Theis

1. In utero
Not everyone gets out alive. This one’s mother had a miscarriage—one at least—years before. The girl would learn about it at the age of ten or thereabouts, when Grandma of the Despairing Outlook came to visit. Grandma swept the kitchen, and as she swept she mumbled lamentations: her daughter in such a marriage, such a marriage; even this floor, sharp with splinters, stubborn against the broom; a hard life, and this harsh wood the least of it.