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Past Issue

Cover Image: Feast and Aftermath by Elvira Finnigan
A feast was held at the Centre culturel franco-manitobain in December 2012 with 14 Franco-Manitoban writers providing the meal and performing readings. The leftovers were immersed in a dense salt brine. Over the next seven weeks, crystals formed and leached out onto the table and over the papers and books there. It became a visual statement about preservation and the passage of time.
Summer 2013, Volume 34, No.2
2012 Writing Contest Winners
This issue features winning entries to the 2012 fiction, poetry & creative non-fiction contests, along with a selection of regularly submitted poetry & fiction.

Table of Contents

Winners of fiction contest
Judged by Marina Endicott
Rosaria Campbell Probabilities
Mark Anthony Jarman Knife Party
Krista Eide Small Pranks
Michelle Kaeser Glass Condos
Winners of poetry contest
Anne Simpson Judge’s Notes
Jennifer Still Spiny Oakworm
Owain Nicholson HhOw 53
Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang Census
Tia McLennan Keeping Bees
Winners of creative non-fiction contest
Jake MacDonald Judge’s Notes
Trevor Corkum The Moon in Scorpio
Andrew Binks The Short Goodbye
Miriam Kalb A Chance Meeting
Mona Bacon The Decisive Moment
* * *
Bruce Rice Two Poems
Angeline Schellenberg Two Poems
Sharron Arksey Trophy Cow
Sally Ito Two Poems
Jordan Mounteer Glacial
Heather Cadsby Artist from Armenia lands in America
Sadiqa de Meijer The Widows



Mona Bacon
Andrew Binks
Trevor Corkum
Miriam Kalb
Jake MacDonald
Anne Simpson


Sharron Arksey
Rosaria Campbell
Krista Eide
Mark Anthony Jarman
Michelle Kaeser


Heather Cadsby
Sadiqa de Meijer
Sally Ito
Tia McLennan
Jordan Mounteer
Owain Nicholson
Bruce Rice
Angeline Schellenberg
Jennifer Still
Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

Fiction Excerpt
BY Rosaria Campbell

Men go to Bowring Park at night to be with other men in the darkness. For a few short summer weeks in St. John’s it is warm enough to be out at night and the darkness welcomes them, hides all the things that matter in their daytimes: the colour of their hair and the clothes they wear to work, the scar on their cheek and the place they are from. These things don’t matter in the park because they slip into the shadows with the men, disappear into the grass and the trees next to the statues where the men gather at night. Sometimes certain words are exchanged and they go someplace more hidden, to the bushes or to a car, but often in the darkness the park just lets them rest or talk, get high, borrow money, sip Southern Comfort. There is a certain peace for them there in the company of other men, with the summer dampness and the smallness of their world punctuated only occasionally by a hesitation or a newness, a voice that no one’s heard before.

Poetry Excerpt
Spiny Oakworm
BY Jennifer Still


As if the caterpillar chewing could be discerned from the pencil’s scritch.

What we made, we made in our
dreams beside the jawing that went on

in glass jars, spinneret transcriptions
stiffening the air.

I dreamed of wool, raw
and uncorded. The hair that fell
around your bed.

Non-Fiction Excerpt
The Moon in Scorpio
BY Trevor Corkum


When I picked her up at her bungalow on the night of the junior high prom, Nancy was wearing what seemed, to my fourteen-year-old eyes, like nothing more than a plain green dress. It was light green, it’s true; possibly sea-coloured: sleeveless and formal and soft, without being stuffy. She later pointed out, in a scandalized tone, that the dress was in fact aqua — and that only a stupid boy would not know the difference. I’d never seen this dress, had never in fact seen Nancy dressed up, with her hair swept off her neck and what looked like make-up — blush on her cheeks and some pencilled-in darkness around the eyes, a ruby outline of lipstick — making her look much older, almost womanly.