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About Prairie fire

Staff and Editors


Andris Taskans

Andris Taskans is the founding editor of Prairie Fire magazine and a founding member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild.

Assistant Editor:

Lindsey Childs

Lindsey was Office Manager for The Arts And Cultural Industries of Manitoba for four years before joining Prairie Fire. She was also a student in our 2009-10 Practicum in Publishing Communication and Leadership. Lindsey holds a B.A. in English and Creative writing from the University of Winnipeg. She is a writer, artist and crafter who explores themes of nature and whimsy.

Managing Editor:

Janine Tschuncky

Janine Tschuncky has had the pleasure of working with Prairie Fire Press since 2001. For the preceding seven years, she was the managing editor for Contemporary Verse 2. Her work has been published in various journals and she is the author of Queen of Rice Lake, a series of fictional stories set in the Bissett area, published in chapbook form. She has a passion for collaboration and is the coordinator of the Boreality Project.

Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction Editors:

Melissa Steele & Lindsey Childs

Melissa Steele is a Winnipeg fiction writer.  Her two books are Donut Shop Lovers and Beautiful Girl Thumb.  She has published in a variety of journals, teaches creative writing at the University of Manitoba and is currently a practicum student in the Marriage and Family Therapy MFT program at U of W.

Poetry Editor:

Barbara Schott

Barbara Schott has always lived in Winnipeg, although her work as a fashion stylist frequently takes her to Asia. She is the author of The Waterlily Pickers (chapbook, Turnstone, 1989) and Memoirs of an Almost Expedition (Brick, 1999). In 2010 she won Descant’s Winston Collins “Canadian Poem of the Year” contest for “Thin Ice.”

Book Reviews Editor:

Lindsey Childs

Drama Reviews Editor:

Rory Runnells is Artistic Director of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights, reviewer for the Winnipeg Free Press, and essayist for the Manitoba Opera program.

Advertising Sales:

Janine Tschuncky


Heidi Harms
Karen McElrea